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Manekin, Roman Vladimir (Manekin, Roman Vladimirovich). .

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Manekin, Roman Vladimir (Manekin, Roman Vladimirovich). Was born in 06/16/1965, Makeyevka, Donetsk area, Ukraine.
Publicist, the philosopher, the political scientist and the culturologist.
The maintenance
Roman V. Manekin
Date of birth: on June, 16, 1965
Birth-place: Makeevka, Donetsk area, Ukraine
Citizenship: Russian Federation (2004)
Area of professional interests: Quantitative Methods in Humanitarian Researches,
Political Science (Ukraine)
Alma Mater: Donetsk State University (DonGU),
Moscow State University (MGU),
Institute of Universal History of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (IVI AN THE USSR)
Known as: publicist


  • 1982 – guide of the Kiev branch of the Donetsk regional camp site.
  • 1982-1989 – student of historical faculty of Donetsk state university (honours degree).
  • 1983-1985 – service in the Soviet armed forces in Belarus; the commander of tank T-72.
  • 1989 – Together with Vitaly Zablotsky, Dmitry Kornilov, Igor Todorov, Grigory Nemirj, Evgenie Kopatko, Nikita Miroshnichenko, Arthur Dynges, Igor Pasko, etc. has organized Donetsk branch of the Soviet association of young historians (in Moscow, in Advice of association entered Evgenie Kozhokin and Michael Kozhokin, Konstantin Zatulin, Sergey Stankevich, Andrey Korotayev, Andranik Migrahjn, Sergey Stanishev, etc.).
  • 1989 - responsible secretary of Donetsk branch of the Soviet association of young historians, the editor-in-chief scientific magazine “Klio”, the editor-in-chief of the almanac "Annales".
  • 1989 - candidate of Donetsk regional Advice of People's Deputies.
  • 1989-1994 – competitor of sector of theoretical problems of historical science of Institute of Universal History Academy of Sciences of the USSR (IVI AN THE USSR)
  • 1990 – participant XYII of the International Congress of the Historical Sciences in Madrid .
  • 1990-1994 - post-graduate student of faculty of philosophy and methodology of a science of natural faculties TSSGO of the Moscow State University (MGU).
  • 1992 - grant-holder fund "Open society".
  • 1992 – the listener of school "Historical computer science: the European model".
  • 1994 – financial director of company "FININVEST 14".
  • 1997 - associate professor ETS MGU.
  • 1998 - the sales manager of company "YUNIK-AUDIT".
  • 1999 - laureate of competition "Arts education in the higher school".
  • 2000 – senior scientific employee, the head of department of Ukraine, Moldova and Prednestrov`e of Institute of the UIS countries.
  • 2000-2005 – political analyst, the editor of an information-analytical department, the leader of reviews of press, the leader of the program "On a crossroads of opinions" of the "Radio of people".
  • 2003 – teacher of computer science college 1134 of Moscow .
  • 2003 – member of an expert Internet-network "kreml.org".
  • 2003 – Moscow State University (faculty of history of southern and western Slavs).
  • 2003-2004 - observer of a portal km.ru. The author of interview to Michael Veller, Alexander Gorodnitsky, George Danelia, Alexander Dugin, Konstantin Zatulin, Alexander Zinov`ev, Igor Bunin, Joseph Kobzon, Evgenie Kozhokin, Oleg Kutafin, Murat Nasyrov, Vyacheslav Nikonov, Gleb Pavlovsky, Michael Pogrebinsky, Vladimir Putin, Svjatoslav Rybas, Anatoly Chekhoev, Victor Yanukovich, etc
  • 2004 – assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine "Moscow bookkeeper".
  • 2004 - editor of a department of policy of the newspaper "Times of Ukraine" (editor-in-chief - Maxim Shevchenko).
  • Scientific and journalistic work, political (Institute of diaspora and integration) and teaching activity.

2000 - With 2000 the head of a press department state administration of Donetsk area and permanent representatives of executive committee of the Donetsk City Council in Moscow; the political analyst of radio, the employee of some newspapers and magazines, the foreign correspondent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation [1].

The participant of parliamentary hearings of Congress of Russian Federation, the international scientific congresses and conferences, forums of writers, the international investment forums, the laureate of the First literary competition "Is not present to censorship!", a member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, a member of the International Union of Writers of the Russian Federation.


  • Mother: Nelya Mikhajl Manekin (Manekina Nelya Mikhajlovna) (xx.02.1940 xx.03.1995). The senior lecturer of department of pedagogics and psychology of Donetsk state university.
  • Father: Vladimir Ivan Manekin (Manekin Vladimir Ivanovich), the lawyer, teacher high school of Donetsk (on pension).
  • Sister: Natalia Vladimir Urbantajtis (Urbantajtis Natalia Vladimirovna), the teacher of chemistry and biology of college of Makeyevka.

Roman Manekin is the author of 550 publicistic and analytical clauses, sketches, reportings, feuilletons and reports in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, etc. editions. He is the author of a plenty of publications about Donbass, attitudes of Ukraine and Russia and directories on history of philosophy, monographs on themes of modern history and policy. Clauses and comments of Novel are published in such editions, as "Air Forces", "The Guardian", "The Christian Science Monitor", "BBC", "La Vanguardia", "Kavkaz center", "RIA Dagestan", "Results", "The Independent newspaper", "The Expert" (magazine), "Gazeta.ru", "The Moscow news", "Kreml.org", "Kommentarii.ru", "The Newspaper of the CIS", "Duel", "The Ukrainian truth", "Part.org", "ProUA.com", "Korrespondent.net", "Donetsk news", "The Donetsk range", "Donbass", "Interior of Don and the Bass", etc. Works of Roman Manekin are actively used in collections of abstracts.


  • 2000 – R.V. Manekin:Russia-Donbass. Prospects of development of relations.[2]
  • 2000 – R.V. Manekin: Ukraina - today and future. Power, groups of influence, clans.[3]
  • 2001 – R.V. Manekin: Ukraina "a vol d’oiseau" (Ukraina from the height of bird flight). Russian "Who is who?" ("Kto est` Kto?"), Moscow, "Rospechat'", PI 47657
  • 2001 – R.V. Manekin: It is not necessary to be seduced - the Ukrainian political elite will not yield![4]
  • 2001 – R.V. Manekin, D.V. Kornilov: Zbignev Bzezhinskiy - "Who is Who?"[5]
  • 2001 – R.V. Manekin: Three myths of Ukrainian propaganda.[6]
  • 2001 – The Donetsk clan is in modern history of Russia and Ukraine. - "Skilled policy", 1, Moscow, “Minpechat`”, PI 77-3204.
  • 2002 – R.V. Manekin, I.A. Guzhva: Another Russia. "Europe", T2 4 (5) Warsaw. ISSN 1643-03060
  • 2003 - R.V. Manekin: Geopolitical priority. «Rodomysl», 1 (6), Moscow - PI «Minpechat`» 77-14189.[7]
  • 2003 -R.V. Manekin: The Ukrainian hustings were completed. What next? "Skhid", 2 (33), Donetsk, KV 2729
  • 2005 (1999), - Trip in the "country of dregs". Chronicle of disintegration. “Donbass”, Donetsk.
  • 2008 - R.V. Manekin: Legend about filistere. Political daily occurence of modern Ukraine. [8]
  • 2008 - R.V. Manekin: Inevitable lessons of memory. Russia and Europe.[9]

2000, on December, 18 - R.V. Manekin: Who did utillize the President of Ukraine? [10]
2000, on December, 27 – R.V. Manekin: Ukraine and Russia: in the area of alienation. [11]
2001, on January, 23 – R.V. Manekin, D.V. Kornilov: Ukraine in the system of international relations. [12]
2001, on April, 16 – R.V. Manekin: Nationalism, as form of "false consciousness". [13]
2004, on September, 7 – R.V. Manekin: A structure of the Ukrainian diaspore in the Russian Federation.[14]
2005, on August, 8 – R.V. Manekin: Ukraine, as "trojan horse" of European civilization. [15]
2007, on October, 21 – R.V. Manekin: A Library of Ukrainian literature in the Moscow: much cry and little wool. [16],[17], [18]
2008, on June, 19 – R.V. Manekin: Gadamer is guilty in everything! [19], [20]



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1993 – R.V. Manekin: The Problem of Understanding: "Philosophical Germenevtika" and "Golozoizm". Announcer of the Moscow university. Series 7. "Philosophy". Moscow. 1993, 4, p. 26-35.
2000 – R.V. Manekin: Economic Situation on Ukraine.[21]
2000 – R.V. Manekin: Ukraine and Russia. That to do?[22]
2002 – R.V. Manekin: National identity and nationalism. «Eurasian announcer», 12.



Konrad Yaraush [23]and his "quantitative history". News-letter of Commission on application of mathematical methods and COMPUTER in historical researches (Academies of sciences of the USSR) (Ed. by Leonid I. Borodkin), Moscow. 2. 1993. August 1991.
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History of philosophy. Textbook for the students of the Russian universities.- Moscow,«Eksmo», 2004, ISBN 5-699-07314-0, ISBN 5-8123-0201-4. [24]



- "Radio of people"
- "Radio of Russia"
- Radio "Freedom"
- "Echo of Moscow" [25]



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- >"Apokrif" (ed. by Victor Erofeev) Channel "Culture" of Russian TV
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Roman Manekin`s LJ
Roman Manekin`s Archive
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Manekin in an encyclopaedia: "Who's Who in Russia"?
Roman Manekin on radio: "Radio of people","Radio of Russia", "Echo of Moscow", Radio "Freedom"; on TV:«Times»(ed.by Vladimir Pozner) and "Voice of people" (ed. by Kira Proshutinskaja)

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